Veritas NetBackup資格VCS-276試験概要

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試験名称:Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.0
問題数:65 - 75問


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1.How can an administrator copy an existing backup image of from an Advanced
Disk storage unit to a Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP)?
A. run bpimport with the source and the destination storage unit
B. create a Storage Lifecycle Policy that contains a duplication to the MSDP pool
C. run bpduplicate with the backup ID and the destination storage unit
D. run nbreplicate with the backup ID and the destination storage unit
Answer: D

2.An administrator has a backup policy with the following attributes:
5 paths listed in the Backup Selections list
3 clients listed in the Clients list
Allow multiple data streams is selected
Max Jobs per Client value set to 4
How many jobs go Active when the job is started, excluding parent jobs?
A. 8
B. 9
C. 12
D. 15
Answer: C

3.How can an administrator determine the storage and database paths for a Media Server Deduplication
A. run the Configure Disk Storage Server wizard for the MSDP
B. view Storage Unit > View Properties for the MSOP storage unit
C. view Disk Pool > Disk volumes for the MSDP disk pool
D. view Storage Server > Properties for the storage server
Answer: C

4.Which command can an administrator run to test and analyze connections between master servers,
media servers, and clients for multiple Net Back up ports?
A. bperror
B. bpconfig
C. bpresolver
D. bptestnetconn
Answer: D