SAP ERP資格C_TPLM30_67試験問題の中でも最も配点が高いとされています

SAP ERP資格C_TPLM30_67試験問題の中でも最も配点が高いとされています。
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ソフト版:真実のSAP ERP資格C_TPLM30_67試験環境と同じです。受験者のために、試験環境を適応することができます。


試験名称:SAP Certified Application Associate - Enterprise Asset Management (Maintenance & Repair) with SAP ERP 6.07

SAP ERP証明書は、候補者がこのコンサルタントERPソリューションのプロファイル内で必要な理解を持っていることを証明し、経験豊富なコンサルタントの指導を受けてプロジェクトでこの知識を実践することができます。


Executing Maintenance Business Processes > 12%
Customizing Maintenance Processing > 12%
Customizing Preventive Maintenance > 12%
Customizing Technical Objects > 12%
Planning Preventative Maintenance Business Processes 8% - 12%
Customizing Organizational Units 8% - 12%
Managing Technical Objects < 8%
Customizing Refurbishment < 8%
Customizing Analysis and Reporting < 8%

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下記は高い精確のSAP ERP資格C_TPLM30_67問題と答えで、ご参照ください。

1.In order type Customizing, you can set the default for when the purchase requisition is created to
immediately, from release, or never.
For which combination must you set the default?
A. Order type and planner group
B. Order type and plant
C. Order type and responsible work center
D. Order type and material type
Answer: B

2.How the settlement rule for suborder is to be determine in the Customizing setting for order type.
A. Copy the main order as the settlement receiver
B. Do not copy order
C. Apply CATS
D. None of the above
Answer: A

3.You want to set up an external refurbishment process through subcontracting, using material
requirements planning (MRP)?
Which of the following must you set in the system?
A. The Special Procurement indicator in the material master record
B. The Subcontracting flag for the refurbishment order type
C. The Material Provision indicator for special stock in the refurbishment order header
D. The Subcontracting flag in the refurbishment order header
Answer: A

4.You use the F4 key to...
A. Start another session
B. Obtain technical details for a program
C. Call the SAP Library
D. Show possible input values for an entry field
E. Generate an output request for the current screen
Answer: D

5.Which is not the phase of corrective Maintenance
A. Notification
B. Planning
C. Control
D. Base
Answer: D